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Looking to Buy a Pygmy Octo

Mar 25, 2009
So, I am in the market for a pygmy octopus and I have a few questions:

Where can I buy one?
What species should I get? (joubini, merc, etc)
What kind of food should I get for it?

I already have a tank prepared for it, with nothing in there that might eat it/freak it out, an octopus-proof lid, and plenty of hiding places for it so it doesn't get stressed out. I have an expert-level marine wildlife caretaker helping me out with this too (since I am still kind of green to the whole thing.)


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
Finding something other than a merc is rarely seen on TONMO. Mercs are the most common and abundant in the Caribbean but Sedna likely has a bocki from the Philippines. The mercs are commonly found in the farmed live rock so you will sometimes see postings for multiples from live rock farmers. The joubini (you will see mercs listed as joubini often) are supposed be common to the Southeast but we don't see them on TONMO and I believe the live in deeper water, making them very hard to come by.

There are several mercatoris threat in the Journals you may want to read to see if this is the octopus you want to keep.