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Looking for octopus owners or resources


Jul 28, 2018
Portland, Oregon
Hi all! I have a bit of an odd question and you seem like the group who might have the best information/resources.

I'm currently participating in a week long, international scavenger hunt that benefits the charity Random Acts. (You can see all about it at Gish) We have 200 random tasks to complete in a week and one of them requires an octopus! Here is the actual wording of the task:

Let an octopus use your GoPro. You are not allowed to harm the octopus in any way. Edit footage down to 14 seconds of video.

I'm in the Portland, Oregon area and have a GoPro but my team hasn't had much luck finding an octopus. Would any of you have any leads for us? The Hatfield Marine Science Center which generally has a hands on encounter is currently not an option because their octopus recently laid eggs. If you have any idea how I could find a local person with an octopus, it would be greatly appreciated. If you have an octopus and a GoPro and would willing to get some footage, that would be an option too! Honestly, any tips on how to do this in the safest, most respectful way would be fantastic.

Thank you!
The only suggestion (other than the one you already tried) I got from Oregon was to try the Oregon coast aquarium. Home keepers are very unlikely to have a GPO because of the tank size and cooling requirements.

Edit: I see that my source in Oregon has beaten me to the punch on this one ;)
I did it in my lunch break, Itzá was not very curious about the GoPro but I think It may work, if not let me know and I try later when she wants to play. You can copy the YouTube link at the end or let me know if you need me to email the clip, éxitoooooo!!

GREAT JOB! There is one other new member looking for the same solution ... :gigas:
I think we should be willing to help anyone who finds us ;) so feel free to reach out to Dana too after Janet has what she need. Sadly, I don't have a GoPro or I would be happy to see what ET thinks of it. He is shyer than Itza and I don't know that I could get him to investigate.

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