[Octopus]: Loc - Callistoctopus aspilosomatis - The Ceph Stork!


Dec 21, 2014
Staten Island, NY
I don't know about you, but when I get the call that a new ceph is waiting for me, there is a rush of excitement.

And a rush to gather towels, a bucket, the water... and other stuff not recommended for a human baby, but they joke about in movies.

Just got the call!

But I'm stuck between tank cleanings, water changes, have no car, and bf Rocco is at work until LFS closes today... ugh!!!

LFS says it is redish at rest, and smaller than one of those blue handball when curled up.

I hope so! If it was bigger, or as big, when curled up, I'm going to need a bigger tank.

Currently prepping the red light :frown:
If my time here has taught me anything, my only guess so far, is that the new octopus is nocturnal.

But... they could be wrong... they have been before. Right? Eh? Haha.

Updates to come, on a properly named thread soon!
Gray and hiding in acclimation keeper.

Saw it briefly from the car to the house.

I saw reds, browns, teal/green, gray.

Told missing 1 leg, will get us another if it dies too quick.
Told me that it was with the company for 2 months or so, or that it was 2 months old.
My lfs usually goes thru someone else.

Time will tell.
2 pics so far... nothing to write home about...

Luckily the keeper is clear and the shell the lfs brought it in has no bottom. Currently hiding under the shell.


  • 20160822_204546.jpg
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They gave us a bunch of barnacles too!
We put under shells, under rocks, over rocks, between things, next to the sand.

Let's see where it goes!


  • 20160822_205658.jpg
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Took another tiny piece of shrimp. The ends of a couple of the legs look short, flat, eaten or something. It's still tight, can't see the legs fully.

This might be quite a test in nursing it back to some semblance of health... or better.
Ok, Check. Good sign?
Not bad but it freaks people out sometimes. Sometimes males can be induced to spawn by changing the water temp, females are harder to induce. I spent some time trying to get a pair to produce offspring. Lot of male material but little or nothing from the suspected female.

The dune buggy tire eyes (along with two new threads) have me guessing O. bocki.

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