LIVE Chesapeake Fiddler Crabs


Blue Ring
Jun 13, 2007
LIVE Chesapeake Fiddler Crabs available April through August.
$350.00 p/1000 $35.00 p/100 Plus Shipping.
Phyto-plankton, Chesapeake sulphur marsh mud for winter stocking.
$15.00 p/5Gal.
Chesapeake Bay Sea/Marsh Grass
$25.00 p/milkcrate.

Visit for more information and to place an order.

Stock up soon before temperatures cool. Create a winter home for your crabs with a wading pool and marsh mud. Add 1 part water to 5 parts mud, ample sea grass and you'll have a great Fidller set up.
A comfy deathrow as they wait to be served. Go crazy with H20 pumps and lights. Knock yourself out. It can't hurt.

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