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List of Our Cuttlefishes 2009-2013


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
S.bendensis eggs lilalancarey & DeepBlueWonders shared adventure NY Aquatics Journal: July 2/2012
S.bendensis eggs
squishy1 blue world aquatics Journal: June 26/2012
S.Bendensis eggs DeepBlueWonders NY Aquatics Journal: June 19/2012
S.bendensis eggs SueAndHerZoo NY aquatics Journal: May 2/2012
S.bendensis eggs Dandys from personally kept female Journal:April 23/2012
S.Bendensis 10 eggs 9 hatchlings Kerrick LSF Journal: April 1/2012
S.bendensis 14 eggs ReeferGeorge (LSF) Journal: Jan 21/2012
S.bendensis 3 eggs Uncle Salty 05 (LSF) Journal: May 20/11
S.bendensis 1 egg markdosal (LSF) Journal: May 1/11
S.bendensis 12 eggs Kerrick (LSF/North Carolina) Journal: Apr 1/11
S.bendensis 14 eggs Cephdoc (LFS ordered) Journal: Jan 16/11
S.bendensis 1 hatchling + eggs sk252006 Journal: Dec 29/10
S.officinalis eggs zeekat (found on beach) Journal: Nov 14/10
S.pharaonis - Ramses Hajar (LSF) Journal: Nov 5/10 - Feb/11
S.bandensis 4 hatchlings + Eggs brennankennm (TONMO Snowmaker) 1 egg hatch, 2 losses early, 3 cuttles surviving Journal: Aug 21/10
S.bandensis 14 Eggs JokerGirl (Inland Aquatics) Journal: Aug 16/10
S.bandensis 5 Eggs, 5 hatchlings Markushka (TONMO Snowmaker) Journal: Jul 25/10
S.bandensis 2+11 Eggs 1 Hatchling Reef Geek (NYAquatics &LFS) Journal: Jun 23/10
S.bandensis? 10 Eggs 2 Hatchlings rryyddeerr (Paradise Pets) Journal: June 12/10
S.bandensis 3 Eggs B_Thompson (LSF) Journal: June 5/10
S.bandensis Eggs rryyddeerr Journal: May 4/10
S.bandensis Public Aquarium Habitat Thales California Academy of Science Journal: Apr 12/10
S.bandensis 5 Eggs Uber Alezz Journal: Mar 1/10
S.bandensis Egg Cluster Hatchlings L8 2 Rise Journal: Feb 28/10
S.bandensis 2 Eggs 2 Hatchlings MAKOOKAM Journal: Feb 2/10
S.bandensis 5 Eggs Almondsaz (ParadisePets) Hatch:5/5 Journal: Jan 28/10
S.bandensis ~20 Eggs me2003 Journal: Nov 18/09
S.bandensis ~10 Eggs 3 Hatchlings snowmaker Journal: Dec 22/09
S.bandensis ~30 Eggs Corpusse Journal Dec 27/10
S.bandensis 8 Eggs Corpusse Journal: May 31/09-Dec 26/10

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