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Pacific Blue

Blue Ring
Apr 19, 2003
Ok, I know if the octo had his way the lights would be out all the time. But I dont want a dark tank, infact I would prefer to have the lights on 24/7. That might not be so good for him though. So I am going to compomise with a timer on the lights 14 on 10 off. As I spend most of my time watching the tank at night I would like to put some "moon light" on the tank. Not a lot of light but a little would be nice that way I can watch him stalk around. Any recomendations? I am going to be keeping a rubecens in case that helps.

Pacific Blue :boat:

Why cant I get a Bimac in canada?
Since O. rubescens is night active, why don't you use some red light which he can't detect - then you can watch him without his being aware of it.

Maybe the reason you can't get a bimac in Canada is that the bimac is not native to Canadian waters. Or, they're difficult to import.

Octos can't see red?! It might be that they're not that bothered with red, there was this video on NG where a sucba fellow got attacked by Humbolts. The Humbolts were staring at the red light, and that MIGHT prove that Humbolt's 'see red'. MIGHT be the same theory as octos.
Thanks nancy that was my thought a little red light at night will make it easyer to watch. It is interesting that the supplyers cant get Bimacs. They seem to have no problem with blue ring octos though. I am lucky in that I can buy direct from a wholesaler and dont have to go through a LFS and skips the middle tank.
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