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Lighning for S. bandensis


O. bimaculoides
Mar 16, 2009

I plan a 100gallon tank for my 8 S. bandensis babys. The big question is the lightnig, almost caused of the prices.

Do you thing that 2x39W on a tank with 100x65x60cm (40x25x23") is enoght to build a working biological system? That are 79W on 100 Gallon. Quite low light, but will it work? I don't want SPS
The cuttles won't care what light you use, but I would get brighter lights if you want to keep any type of coral or if you want to grow corraline algae. This is a good light and is very inexpensive, it will allow you to grow most low to moderate light corals.
. Any T-5 fluorescent fixture with at least 4 bulbs that run the length of your tank and have individual reflectors will work well for what you want to do.
If you use a reflector, be sure you are getting one that specifically mentions saltwater compatibility.
sure, if i use 2x39W I'll use reflectors. I only want marco alge and soft corals like xenia spp. and such easy care corals.

You mean I should take 4x39W with reflectors?