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life spans


Nov 5, 2004
what octos live the longest?? i could do anything up to a 55g tank..including that dangerous BRO..i hear they die very quickly though...same thing that happens to you if you touch them!
in a 55, your best bet is going to be a captive bred bimac...a lot of our members have had great success with them, all easily obtainable through octopets or fishsupply...
don't forget to enter your tank into the Tonmo database...that way Nancy, Carol, Colin and others can view the information to see what is happening, and answer your questions...
:welcome: I agree, that a bimac is a wonderful first octo experience. My one, Ink lived with me for 10 months and we figured he was around 14 months old. They also have been compared to being the Labradors of the octopus species, as they are so friendly and inquisitive!

Hi and welcome to TONMO.com!

Yes, the bimac would be your best choice. They're also being tank bred, rather than wild caught, which is another advantage. They're active during the day, too, which means you'll see a lot of their activities.

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