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Life span of cuttlefish


Feb 15, 2008
I have a 55gal tank that i would like to put a cuttlefish in. My question is are there any types of cuttlefish that can live longer then a year or 2?

Thanks for the help
Sepia Officinalis or Sepia Apama are two of the longest living cuttlefish. They both reach a large size, and S. Officinalis resides in cooler waters which slows metabolism. You will need a large tank for either inhabitant, and even then 2-2.5 years will be the most you will get out of them from birth.
Sepia officinalis can live for years as solitary individuals as reproductive activities will not be evident in solitary individuals which may also have impacts of life span. The Indianapolis Zoo had a lone male officinalis that lived for 36 months.


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