LFS in KY has Octo??


Pygmy Octopus
Dec 10, 2003
I am interested in this octo, it is being listed there as a mediterranian octopus that is captive bred. It has a small mantle and crazy long arms. I was wondering if it could be the O. salutii based on the look and description (been reserching through a couple online places today) and if it could be that species, how they got one in KY, and also how did they get a captive bred one, AND if anyone thinks i could find out more about that species and how to keep them(tank req., temp, filtration req., etc.) that would help. thanks in advance!!
well, you aint gonna find much on the web for that crazy octopus.. and im not sure if i beleive the LFS's claims... but if thats the one they've got im sure id jump at it!!!

any chance of pics?
Thanks Colin!! I was thinking that same thing

I will be back home in TN the rest of the week, but I am totally skeptical of them having that type of octo as I have never even heard of that being kept in captivity let alone in aquarium, but I was looking at it (sorry, no pics) and it was so interesting and looked so much like Salutii from the things I have seen and read the past couple days. I should pounce, but I would need to get the setup before I get him as i can't put him in with Booger I am sure.

His mantle is about the same size as Booger's (5 mo. old bimac) but he has arms that span probably a third of the tank!! He was almost crimson/purpleish colored and had pretty small eyes with virtually no webbing but a small bit by his mantle and it seems to have no cotrol over some of the latter portions of its arms (age, injured, arms just to dang long??). Could a Salutii be kept? and if so, where would I acquire one other than this store :goofysca: and how big a tank should it have?
My girlfriend went down and they said they have had it for a week and wouldn't say where it came from, but it is in an open 120 gal. tank with just a couple pieces of rock in it and live sand. She said it was pink today and scrunched (what a cute word) between the rock and the back glass with arms trailing along the bottom and it only moved slightly (bothered by the light I am certain, or nearing its end). They want $59.99 for it and didn't tell her how old it was. I am totally not getting it!!

I am upset...But I am interested in checking out more info on this species and I haven't found a whole lot about its diet, husbandry, lifespan and other stuff that is very consistant from research. Has this species been studied anywhere that I could access the info? this seems to be a pretty interesting little octo, if it stays little that is...

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