Legal issues

i cant speak for GA, but that seems a bit odd...(or a conveinent ending to conversations) for example, here in Charlotte, i found out its illegal to sell a extoic animal as a pet but not against the law to keep one.... as a for what constitutes an exotic pet, i never did find out... :| worst case scenario, just call up some type off (quasi)official entity (animal control/humane soc./etc) and ask... it certainly cant hurt to ask questions....

ps- welcome to tonmo! :welcome:
i notice hippos arent allowed....i guess i shouldve known that when i was dating a girl who lived in ATL :)

"Breaking the Law... Breaking the Law"

Air-breathing catfishes; all species
Parasitic catfishes; all species
Giant walking catfishes; all species

What the? Never heard of a giant walking catfish! Just the idea blows my mind! :bugout:
its probably like a salt water fish i saw the other week in Charleston.... for some reason i want to say croaker, but im doubt im right.... im almost positive it was one that makes a noise though....
walking catfish are Clarias species...

Get to four feet long and when they get bored/run out of food in one pond they can travel through the night to another one!

the only fish to have caused a road accident by crossing it! LOL :)

Keno en ligne au Canada
i ones i was thinking of had claw-like appendages coming out (or near their pectoral fins) can anyone place this? i know theyre salt water.....

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