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LED lighting for my Ceph tanks


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
I sat in the right seat to win a great LED for my original octo tank (no longer used for octopuses) at MACNA a few years back and have wanted to replace my power compacts with LED on the octo tanks ever since but the costs have been prohibitive. In the past Drs. Foster and Smith have been half again as expensive as most on-line retailers so I don't usually shop there for lighting but a new sale ad caught my eye and I ended up buying lights for one octo tank and the future home of the cuttlefish (still have PC's on two octo tanks as the budget was strained with the three I ended up buying). A rough calculation suggests that these will pay for themselves in about 1.5 years in electricity. They are not bright enough to support most corals but I am hoping my mushrooms and polyps will survive between the lighting and the natural light. They have a built in programmable timer that comes preprogrammed but lets you change the settings using a small remote control. I will probably play a little with color but the preprogrammed 50/50 gives nice depth to the tanks.


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