Latex Mould of Squid

Dec 24, 2002
Does anyone know how to create a latex mould of a squid? Is it even possible, given the fragile nature of the skin? I'm trying to help a friend out.

Sorry I've been so AFK lately. I promise there's a reason, albeit not all that great of one.

If you have any detailed information, pls send me a message via the board, or PM, or email me @ [email protected]. Thanks!

Hello John,

I agree with Greg that a rubber mold is the way to go, either RTV silicone or urethane. My two cents worth of advice is to consider freezing the squid so that it's rigid when the mold-making product is poured around it. (If she/he wants a cylindrical mantle, stuff the cavity with something before freezing it.) It'll thaw after being encased, but the less the ex-squid moves, the better.

Oooops, just thinking: how big is the squid? If it's small and has delicate greeblies attached (suckers on stalks, etc.), there is a risk that they might break off within the rubber cavities as the dead squid is removed from the mold, which would be a) really stinky and b) result in a loss of detail.

On the plus side, dead squid are kinda slimy, so your friend can go easy on the mold-release agent.

Fujisawas Sake said:
Thanks! Do you think it would work with something as soft-bodied as a squid?

Yup!! We have just such as thing at work! Not sure of the details on how it was made but if you like I can email the chappy who made it and ask. (I'm sure he used silicon tho').

Let me know!


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