Knitted Squid Baby Hat

Jul 11, 2005
My wife works as a writer for a UK knitting magazine, she found this cool squid hat for a child.

She's going to knit one for our smallest.


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What sizes are the directions for? Is the pattern available on line? What's the name of the magazine and is it available in the states????? (Gotta have that pattern!)
Knitted Sqiddy hat...

Seriously, I want one for me.

I don't think that's wrong. There's nothing strange about a 36 yr old wearing a knitted Squid cap. It's cold.

So there.
another knit squid hat

A friend of mine just blogged that she's making a knit squid hat from a pattern that's no longer online, but is in the "internet way-back machine" here:

Wayback Machine

for all you squid-knitters out there... ( I love fringe demographic categories!)

Even if you're not a knitter, it's worth looking at the PDF file for the pictures...
knit cephs

My friend Cat has knitted a nautilus and a squid... the naut is based on the "knitty nautie" pattern we've seen before.

The original pics are here in her LiveJournal.


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