Kir Nesis book now semi-affordable on

Nov 20, 2002
Hey gang.... just received my "like new" copy of Kir Nesis' CEPHALOPODS OF THE WORLD, which I ordered on for the uncanny price of just fifty buckaroonies (U.S.)! Considering that even "good" and "very good" copies have been going for nearly $200 -- and "new" copies for nearly $300 -- I consider this practically a steal.

The bad news is that at this writing doesn't seem to offer any more copies of the book for $50. The good news is that two "like new" copies are currently going for $75 and $98.38, respectively, and both of their sellers have over 95% positive feedback with thousands of transactions. My humble advice: Grab 'em while there are still some semi-affordable copies around.... from what I can see, the price just keeps on going up, and will continue to do so as fewer and fewer copies of this out-of-print gem are available.