"Killer Squid" on Discovery!!!


Apr 12, 2004
msamaki said:
can we throw the discovery canada people in there? during the ad breaks, there were two commericals for new series airing next month. "canada's worst driver" and "canada's worst handyman". cripes. there goes my last remaining shred of respect for the channel.

Don't get me started about how Discovery has gone from science & nature to bikers cursing at eachother.

Sep 29, 2005
Even animal planet has gone to mostly reality type shows (animal pd, etc) and funniest animal instead of nature documentaries. I guess they've used up all the bbc and ozzy shows.
Mar 2, 2005
I'm thinking armour would be a bad idea.
You don't wanna look like a big crab......

Just thinking though, wouldn't big ockys and squid be able to smash big sea turtles?
Feb 11, 2006
Where do I start.

Well first of all let me say that I do not agree with the conclusion of the discovery channel show.

Second, the muscle beach guy is named Scott Cassell. He and his "silly armor" have been diving with the squid for years now. This discovery channel show took his ideas and footage and turned it into a joke. Thats why it changes so drasticly from one side to the other.

"The divers thought Scott had the wrong Idea about the killer squid so they dove away from the boats to see a different behavior"

The only reason that they came up with the conclusion that the squid where gentle and only attacked because of an "artificial enviornment created by fishing pressure" is because people like to hear that things like Sharks, Bears, Giant Squid, and other dangerous carnivors are mearly misunderstood beasts of tranquility that are not as dangerous as past legends have made them out to be.

For the most part this to me is B.S.

Treating a dangerous animal as if it where a gentle reasonable being is foolhardy. Its through documentarys like this that people will go and think its safe to just jump in with squid because theres no "fishing going on and its broad daylight"

Well Id like to set the record straight. Squid will attack you. They are not afraid of people. They will grab and test anything that they think is food. They attack in the day and night. They attack in 2feet they attack in 130feet.

The only safe way to dive with these animals is to either protect yourself with armor or dive a cage. As you may know, armor has weak points. it is designed with yellow stripes to throw off the beak bite by directing the attack to the stripes. The armor also gives you enough time to react to the grab and fend off the animal before it has a chance to find the "chink in your armor"

The bottom line is that the real story on the squid is not what I saw on the show, Its twisted. They swim in packs, they come right up to you and check you out. You never know if the pack is going to have a big one in it or not. And you NEVER know how a squid is going to react to you in the water. They can be gentle.....untill there not.

And to prove my point

Here is footage from our last dive. Yes we have obtained sponsorship now from www.neptunic.com and we dive the chainmail also. The problem with the chainmail in 600 feet of water is that it weighs 18lbs and is unditchable. Thats one reason we prefer the panel armor over the chain on squid. Also when they get a bite in from the beak it gives you a nasty mark. The panel armor causes the beak to slide off most of the time.

Well here is the clip

We also run expeditions to dive with the Giant Humboldt Squid. We are the ones that took the Discovery Channel team and the Wild Boyz out to see whats up.

If you have ever REALLY wanted to do this dive, we are the ones that will bring you back alive.:bugout:

We have developed a dive plan that uses up two of the local pangas from the licenced fishing fleet and its crews. We use them to take out our customers to dive with. We use the panga crews local knowledge to assist us in our searches for the animals. We figure for every panga we hire from the fishing fleet to help us bring out customers we save 100 squid per night from the cannery. And we use two pangas per trip. 1 trip is 5 days. 1000squid saved per week by hiring two fishing pangas for squid divers *(aprox numbers based on what we have seen the pangeros bring in for a night)

These are awsome, intelligent creatures of the beautifull ocean. They represent the power and vitality of the sea and it alien wonder. They should be treated with respect by us humans. If someone where to dive in with these animals unprotected and unprepared because they thought that they where intelligent and gentle instead of intelligent and deadly and was to be hurt or worse, it could be some bad press for the squid. :sink: :bonk:

Squid are gentle?:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

GTB :goofysca:

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