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Keeping a Ceph and Seahorses in one tank?


Apr 24, 2006
Hello Forum,

i live in Germany (there are no ceph-forums). I have got a 400 gal. reef-tank and a second one of 80 i use for my seahorses. The tank setup seems to be nearly the same like an octopus tank.

My Quastion:
I would like to know if someone has kept an octopus together with Hippocampus Reidi and Hippocampus Comes in one tank before?

Please excuse my bad English, i´m trying hard!

Looking forward to your replies and thanks a lot!

Best wishes

Hi Forum,

thanks a lot. Your posts are very helpfull.

I think i will not try it out.

My kids will kill me if someone i put in the tank will kill the seahorses.

So i have to talk to my wife, to setup another tank (that will be my death too :biggrin2: )

Best wishes

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