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Just to make sure this is right...

Jan 6, 2003
Iv made a huge packet of how to keep Octopuses in captivity the right way and much of the info has come from this site mostly, from a few other sites and off of marine books iv read. Iv been researching about Octopus biology since I was only 5, and interested since I was 3. But iv been studying captivity keeping now for over a year now. So iv made a packet not too long ago and it had an octopus story, biology about them and how to keep them and what to expect. I also include negative problems that may occur such as stress, boredom and certain changes in water chemistry. It has a full sheet full of water chemistry levels, and how to keep those levels as they are as well as a full list of equipment needed to keep an octopus and why.

Just to keep it on the safe side, I want to know wether this water chemistry info is correct 100%...as well as the equipment list.


Correct Water Chemistry Levels:

pH: Between 7.9 - 8.2
Ammonia: 0.0
Nitrite: 0.0
Nitrate: 0.0 / Can tolerate levels BELOW 50ppmm
Phosphate: Below 50ppmm
Calcium: Anything not TOO low
Oxygen: Keep as high as possible
Copper: 0.0

To keep water parameters at right levels:

pH: Use a pH buffer and regular water changes
Ammonia: Active water filter and protien skimmer
Nitrite: (same as above)
Nitrate: Regular water changes
Phosphate: Regular water changes and phosphate removal sponges
Calcium: Regular water changes
Oxygen: Air pumps and plenty of surface agitation
Copper: Tank maturity, and pH should read above 8


The Octopus Equipment List:

At least 50 Gal. Aquarium Tank
Aquarium Hood
RO/DI Water
Aquarium Salt
Live Sand
Protien Skimmer
Test Kits
Air Pump


Other water parameters:

Salinity: 1.023 - 1.026
Temperature: 60 - 79 degrees F.

So is all this info correct? Please let me know if any changes must be made or any slight changes in case.
that is a good "basic" look at the requirements for keeping an octo...of course, each species requires different things, and different tanks.
Well this was only 2 pages out of my whole captivity packet...I have LOADS more with non-basic info...more deeper information. I just wanted to make sure all of this was ok.

This lost was meant for a Bimac Octopus.
Well, it all seems rather ideal for a bimac ! Are you going to publish this info?

haha, so many people have recommended me doing so cuz I havent seen any or a lot of ceph-care books ever. My mom and her boyfriend both think I should make it published. I dont think I am cuz all the files to it were deleted a long time ago. It was just made for my reference cuz not too many people are even interested in octopuses like we are. I dont know not 1 person who loves them personally near my area.
Just a word of caution - You have to be very careful about information on the web - some of the information you find will be accurate but there is a lot of wrong or outdated information out there, in ceph care as well as other areas. You'll also find conflicting information that must be evaluated and resolved.

I've seen this sort of problem even on websites that should be very reliable.

Are you going to be keeping an octo soon? :smile:

Well, not anytime soon. I was going to purchase one a long time ago, but felt like I needed even more research just incase. Iv kept other sea animals in the past, but mainly fish. But iv always been fascinated with octopuses and cephalopods and been studying their biology for such a while now including captivity purposes.

The packet I made isn't too old, so im not that worried. Most of it is just basically deep and basic information on what to expect from an octopus, how to take care of them and feed them and so on. There's alot of this in the packet I made which is a very large packet as well and it also includes stories of other pet keepers who have owned a pet octopus and shows the problems he or she has experienced. This is all for my reference so I can have examples for myself to keep in touch with. Most of the info though seems pretty up to date. The water chemistry also seems pretty fine if its ok with you guys that is. I know all the Octopus water chemistry by heart at this point and know exactly what it should read and how to keep it this way.

When i'll be finally owning an octopus is beyond me. Im not too sure yet. Mabye in a few more months or so. I'll have to see what happens. I can't wait though, lol. After finally seeing an active and very friendly octopus at the aquarium not too long ago, iv gotten more inspired. I'll be going to the aquarium again this saturday so i'll take a few more photo's.

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