Jumbo Squid dissection With Dr. Gilly next week


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Mar 8, 2004
I just spotted this over in Jason's cephalopodcast blog:


It looks like Bill Gilly's holding a dissection workshop for science teachers next weekend (Feb 1-3). Dr. Gilly was very generous in giving us a talk and a lab tour at TONMOCON I a few years back, and has been doing some very interesting work with Dosidicus gigas metabolism, tracking, and such, and is also a great guy to talk to.

I wonder if they'd take "I'm not a science teacher, but I try to teach people some science on TONMO" as good enough... I'm not sure I have the time next weekend, though.
Thanks Monty, and thanks Jason! I actually just listened to Jason's latest Cephalopodcast on my flight back from Denver last night. Monty, that would be cool if you went.

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