Julia from Idaho!


Nov 18, 2019
Sandpoint Idaho
Hello! Nov-18-2019
This last year I went to Seaquest and fell even more in love with the Octopus when I was able to interact with it. We have an Aquarium about 100 miles away in Spokane, and they also have an octopus, but I recently learned they aren't able to interact the same way as the other aquarium. that's fine by me as I understand. Still. I would love to take a trip over to Blue zoo and see what they have. I want to learn everything about them and read the latest and greatest scientific discoveries they find. My husband has a 75-gallon freshwater fish tank but said no to my getting one. it would be so much work! do you have one? I would love to befriend you and learn what you know and see him/her. I'm so happy I've found this forum and hope to learn how to navigate it. well Suckers, beaks and blessing to you! thank you.
Welcome to TONMO, @Julez1303, glad you found us! You've definitely come to the right place. It's true, they are quite hard to keep -- I've never owned one myself. If you need any help navigating the site, just holler.
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