JK Rowling is a ceph. fan???

Jun 3, 2004
Did you know...

That Jk Rowling has been logging onto Harry Potter discussion forums, not unlike this one, and has been calling herself 'Squidward'.

Don't ask me how I know this. :roll:
Caught like a kid in a cookie jar, Matt. hehe....Ah well, I like the stories also...good pulpy fun !
Well, isn't there a big squid in the Hogwarts' lake? Or is that just Lord of the Rings? Sorry, the trolls and Nazgul and Dementors all run together... :roll:
Actually, if memory serves, there are many giant squid in the lake, and they're hunted by a tribe of mermaids(check the fourth book). I can't wait until the fourth movie, let's see them not mention the squid now! :twisted:
I, for one, would be *estatic* if JK was a bona-fide ceph fan. However, do you think maybe her name is in tribute to Spongebob?? Squidward is one of the characters on that show...

Just wondering!!! :smile:

~ Claud
Rowling's usual accompaniment on the kid's best sellers list is Lemony Snicket, with his Series of unfortunate events. It's up to eleven books, and the eleventh book features some unfriendly octo-like creatures. The cover shows some tentacles in the background, some with suckers, and others that are less friendly.


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