Jetta Eggs update


Feb 27, 2003
Sorry for being away so long :roll: Been really busy and trying to stay away from Jetta :bonk: Wasnt easy, but when i checked on the eggs this weekend i got some awesome shots 8) Whatcha think?
Please tell us a little more about Jetta - is she accepting food or not? How long has it been since she laid the eggs?

Nice pics,

looks like most of them are past the 3/4 way stage... the countdown is on!

hope you have your breeding tanks and food supply all set up for the hatching???
:bugout: Ready? UHHHH I hope so. I have the betta cups, the live food source ready to be shipped in, and two SW tanks ready to house.. I dont think anyone can really be ready.

Jetta laid the eggs on approx. Feb 14. Cant be sure but that was a close date. I did check on her daily but on the 14th is when i saw the eggs. She has only taken one shrimp since she has laid eggs. She is VERY protective and refuses even tank cleaning now. When i had these last pics taken she was very mad. I tried to retreve the eggs so that i could have more control over them but she was having none of that. In a matter of 60sec. she chased me, got ahold of me, shook me, inked me , then bit me. That was enough for me, I left her alone. Good thing i have long finger nails, she got ahold of them mostly and just nicked my cuticle :bugout: but it still kinda owie, but i deserved it. So much for taking the eggs, on to plan B, How do i get all the little buggers out of all the LR i have in there? :bonk: Gonna put in some Brine shrimp eggs so at least they will have something to munch on till i can catch them and the live food gets here... Oh yeah this is gonna be fun :wink: I cant wait, Im so excited. I cant believe Im gonna be a grandma :biggrin2: :heee:

sorry the pics arent very clear, but getting in a wrestling match with her only made my friend nervous and the pics were taken very fast LOL
Gravle vacume might be your best bet to get them out, they are used on fish fry all the time. I woud try and move some LR into the other tanks before the pitter pat of little feet takes it all over. Then you don't have quite so many hiding spots.
Try not too feed octo's brine shrimp as they can stunt growth due to the fact that tey're low in nutrition. Try to get some amphipods and zooplankton for them.
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