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Jen's Fossils


TONMO Supporter
Nov 19, 2002
Jen Linday has sent Tony and me a personal message. Here it is, (with Jen's permission) Let's hope we can help her out in identifying her fossils.

Dear Tony,
I have always been a huge rock and fossils collector. Even though I do not know the names of most of what I have, I have quite a collection. I inheritated my grandma's collection of fossils and going through them she had I would say on the out side it looks like a huge white rock when put together, it is in two pieces, but on the inside are what I believe to be cephalopods,but they are straight not coiled. It is huge and there is a mass of them together with what I believe crystal deposits. This fossil weighs probably about 10 to 15 pounds or more its heavy. I have been on the internet for days and hours and all I have found are pictures of the coiled or long body with a tip. Could you possibly help with the name of what I have in my collection.

Thanks a bunch,

We need a photo Jen.....please!!!!!

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