Jaubert system


O. bimaculoides
Nov 11, 2008
I'm wondering if anyone else has tried using a Jaubert-style filtration system with their ceph. I have a friend that has run one for some time on their reef tank with much success.
If you're not familiar with it, here's a good article:

The short story:
The idea behind the system is to create a relatively thick bed of sand over a gap in the water, such that the water under neath is poorly circulated. Supposedly this arrangement causes denitrification to occur very efficiently.

I'm not saying I want to run just this system, but perhaps utilize it instead of buying live rock. I plan on running a skimmer full time regardless, as I don't believe anything can live up to the chemical filtration it provides.


Mar 20, 2009
I use deep sand beds, I love them. I haven't used a plenum as I don't think they're really necessary in most situations, plus by making a void with no sand, then the denitrifying bacteria have less surface area to grow on. I think 5-6 inches of fairly fine grade sand (Oolite or similar) will provide sufficient nitrate reduction without the plenum. I only have 1 salt tank now, but even before I had a skimmer on it, the nitrates were undetectable. Of course it runs on slow diffusion, so with high waste animals, skimmers are a good idea, but with just corals and clams and such, you could get away without a skimmer.