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Jul 15, 2005
I got my bimac from octo pets. Its sooooo tiny. Good thing I ordered the clams too because I dont think it can take down any of the food I have picked up for it yet. I think I will head out later today and pick up some blue legs. As for now its dripping in to the new water no ink as of yet. Everything seems well.


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OH MY!!!
for some reason I dropped a clam in the box that she is getting dripped in. She swooped out of the shell I put in there for her and grabbed it in less then 2 seconds!! :biggrin2:

proud papa
hee hee I kinda dropped that it was my b-day to octopets and they hooked me up.

Still working on a name. Its going to be hard on me. Up till now I have a policy with names. If you don't respond to a name you don't get one. ie. fish = no names, doggy = name, cats (its iffy) :wink:

I was wondering if maybe she just grabbed the clam but she just tossed out an empty shell.
Congratulations on your new little bimac!

But I think you're way off on your theory of naming. Did you know that octos are some of the few creatures to have names in major public aquariums? That's because they have personalities and are intelligent. No matter that they have no voice, they have many other ways of communicating.

So I'll put on your little bimac on the List of Our Octopuses and I'll add a name if you come up with one.

"clamula" ??? "claminator" ??? Hmmm....cool that it is doing so well...and thanks for the pics !!

ahhhh very?

Its head was maybe half an inch. That shell in the picture is just short of 3 inches. I would say its about over 3/4 of an inch now. There has been a whole lot of eating going on in there.

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