It is not only all cephs that have venom


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Sep 4, 2006
If you have had a chance to read some of the current literature about cephalopods you know that recent studies show that all octopuses, most cuttlefish and some squid have a venom. Most of the toxins are harmless to humans with the blue ring (and possibly Octopus mototi) being the exceptions. Our researchers try to point out from time to time that we have not tested the venom in all octopuses and all handlers should avoid being bitten.

Ed Young reported on a similar finding of venom in most snakes and lizards by Bryan Fry from a continuation of his studies of reptile venom. Like most octopuses, the venom in most of the reptiles is not poisonous to humans but can be detected after a bit with protein sensitive tests.

An additional unveiling in the article is that the Komodo dragon DOES actually have a venom and poisons its prey, against a long time believe that its mouth harbored infection causing bacteria in stead of poison.

Byran Fry's blog entry on octopus and cuttlefish toxin. I have seen only one article that mentions a second poison gland in octopuses that may be used for digestion. Fry's blog and articles may have been the source for that now lost (by me) article.