Is this a good tank setup?


Jan 16, 2012
ieatfalalfel;184826 said:
Trust me, you want the best filtration you can have with the least matinence. If you can find anyways to reduce matinence without reducing filtration(althought you do seem to have quite a lot) it would be very helpfull to take less time which you can be viewing your ceph.

I couldn't agree more.


Jun 21, 2012
Ethan073;184711 said:

Link tubing from main tank to sump. Create a siphon with tubing. Tubing will be of a certain diameter to match return rate of the canister filer which will pump water out of the sump and back into the main tank.

Protein skimmer is an ASM G2 rated for 200g
Canister filter is a Marineland Magnum350 rated for 100g
75g main tank, 35g sump. After live rock I expect roughly 70g total water in circulation, maybe less.

Am I missing anything?

I recommend getting rid of the bioballs and the canister filter because it will create a nitrate problem in the future and nitrate and cephalopods do not mix very well. I would even get rid of the sock, unless you change it out every other day). In my current setup, I have a 50 gallon sump with 8" of deep sand bed with cheatos macro algae and a over rated protein skimmer (reef octopus dual 6 recirculating). I skipped the sock so that the detritus coming from the display tank could be taken out by the skimmer (I did that by adding a powerhead to the sump to keep the detritus in suspension and then in turn filtered by the skimmer). I currently have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 0-5 nitrate. My only form of mechanical filtration comes from the skimmer. My recommendation would be to save the money from the bioballs and the canister and invest it into a over-rated skimmer for the size of your tank. The skimmer will add oxygen to the tank and keep your octo or cuttle happy.

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