Introducing: squidblog


Blue Ring
Oct 28, 2004
Hi there - I think it is about time I introduced myself, and thanked everyone here for this incredible forum. Me, and my co-conspirators, have been lurking TONMO for quite a while, and it is about time we finally came out.

It all began probably 8 or 9 years ago, before TONMO was born. A group of us, (mainly disaffected grad students) began swapping weird facts and interesting stories about squid. Then about a year ago I started putting some of this stuff together, and created the squidblog as a single venue where we could put it all. It is mainly for our own amusement, and you cephalophiles will probably find it kind of quaint. You'll also notice that much of the content is taken straight from the forums at TONMO, especially the more recent stuff. I hope people don't mind (It is all acknowledged, so it isn't plagiarism, is it?).

Anyway, if anyone wants to take a squizz, and add a few expert comments, here it is:

Thanks again!
Hello dub_doctor,

Welcome to TONMO. I'm glad you de-lurked, since we might not otherwise have found the "Welcome Squid Overlords" t-shirts. We would have felt sad without quite knowing why.

Now, where are your co-conspirators?


Hey, I know all you guys! (Referrer logs are cool...) Keep up the good work! We shall join forces some day and take over the world.

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