Introducing myself


Blue Ring
Mar 10, 2005
Hi Everyone -

(I've actually posted in a different area twice only, but missed this section to intro myself - so here goes!)

I'm Kerry and have my first octopus. Well, she's really was purchased by my best friend that I live with, but she seems to like me better and now I'm obsessed with her.

We got her on Jan 10, 2005 from a private pet store that we get almost everything for our large reef coral tank.

Not knowing what species she was or sex, I've since researched on here that she's a she (thought she was a he at first) and I'm pretty sure she's a bimac but now I'm thinking vulgaris. Still have to work on that one. She was about the size of a small fist when we got her and now she's grown huge! When she's out in the front of the tank dancing around, she's about a good 10-12" big, I swear!

She's in a 50gal tank with great equipment and skimmers (the technical stuff is my bestfriends doing - he's very experienced). Oh, and totally sealed up like a fortress too!

Oops, her name is Chance (b/c after receiving her and general octo rules the chance she'd make the trip home and acclimate was well, you know).

We feed her frozen raw shrimp and frozen raw scallop most of the time.

I can't wait to send in some pics of her. After looking at alot of the pics of other's on here, Chance seems to be the biggest I've seen.

I lurk almost daily but don't really answer any questions b/c I'm still learning!

Talk to you all soon!



Colossal Squid
Nov 19, 2002
Hi Kerry and Welcome to you and Chance!

I'd love to see pics but have to stand up for my friend Squidgy and say he's about the biggest!!!!! (he's nearly 2 metres across!). Course Chance is possibly the biggest at home Octi! Squidgy is the star of the Public Aquarium where I work!