International stratigraphical Biozone Picture request


Dec 24, 2007

My name is Mike Santino and I am a member of NARG,
a not for profit paleontology club based in
Portland,Oregon. Please take a look at our web page.

I am putting together an International Cretaceous and
Jurassic Ammonite Biozone Web page and I am asking for
help from individuals, clubs and museums from around
the world to supply pictures or web page links to fill
the over 300 specimens. We will publish this page
shortly, take a sneak preview at

You would receive full credit for the picture in our
web page and a link to your site if
you like.

Can you provide a digital picture of any of the following species;
Baculites maclearni
Baculites obtusus
Placenticeras bidorsatum
Scaphites leei
Desmoscaphites bassleri
Desmoscaphites erdmanni
Clioscaphites saxitonianus
Scaphites ventricosus
Forresteria peruana
Scaphites nigricollensis
Prionocyclus percarinatus
Pseudaspidoceras flexuosum
Burroceras clydense
Vascoceras diartum
Calyoceras guerangeri
Dunveganoceras conditum,
Dunveganoceras albertense,
Dunveganoceras problematium,
Dunveganoceras pondi
Calycoceras canitaurinum
Acanthoceras amphibolum
Acanthoceras bellense
Acanthoceras muldoonense
Acanthoceras granesorense
Neogastroplites maclearni
Neogastroplites americanus
Neogastroplites muelleri
Neogastroplites cornutus
Neogastroplites haasi
Stoliczkaia (Faraudiella) blancheti
Leymeriella regularis
Leymeriella acuticostata
Hypacanthoplites anglicus
Hypacanthoplites rubricosus
Epicheloniceras buxtorfi
Epicheloniceras gracile
Epicheloniceras debile
Diadochoceras nodosocostatum
Parahoplites melchioris
Parahoplites nutfieldiensis
Tropaeum bowerbanki
Prodeshayesites fissicostatus
Simancyloceras stolleyi
Ancyloceras innexum
Crioceras pingue
Paracrioceras denckmanni
Holcodiscus uhligi
Hoplocrioceras fissicostatum
Hoplocrioceras rarocinctum
Taveraidiscus hugii
Simbirskites variabilis
Simbirskites marginatus
Simbirskites gottschei
Speetoniceras speetonensis
Speetoniceras inversum
Endemoceras amblygonium
Criosarasinella furcillata
Olcostefanus spp
Neocomites (formerly Discostella) peregrinus
Stoicoceras tuberculatum
Prodichotomites ivanovi
Busnardoites campylotoxus
Nikitinoceras hoplitoides
Platylenticeras robustum
Delphinites (Pseudogarnieria) undulatoplicatilis
Subthurmannia boissieri
Thurmanniceras otopeta
Surites stenomphalus
Surites icenii
Surites spasskensis
Berriasella picteti
Hectoroceras kochi
Subthurmannia (formerlyTirnovella) occitanica
Praetollia (Runctonia) runctoni
Chetaites sibiricus
Praetollia maynci
Subthurmannia subalpina
Subcraspedites lamplughi
Subcraspedites preplicomphalus
Durangites (vulgaris?)
Subcraspedites primitivus
Kaspurites fulgens
Micracanthoceras microcanthum
Paracraspedites opressus
Titanites (Paracraspedites) oppressus
Titanites anguiformis
Galbanites (Kerberites) kerberus
Micracanthoceras ponti
Burckhardticeras ponti
Galbanites okusensis
Glaucolithites glaucolithus
Progalbanites albani
Virgatopavlovia fittoni
Pectinatites pectinatus
Ilowaiskya pseudoscythica
Semiformiceras darwini
Pectinatites hudlestoni
Ilowaiskya sokolovi
Pectinatites scitulus
Ilowaiskya klimovi
Pectinatites elegans
Hybonoticeras beckeri
Perisphinctes pumilus
Hecticoceras (Prohecticoceras) retrocostatum
Cadoceras bremeri

If so, please email to [email protected]
Your assistance is deeply appreciated!

Kind regards,
Mike Santino


TONMO Supporter
Staff member
Mar 8, 2004
:welcome: to TONMO! That sounds great, and I bet several of our fossil folks will be able to help out with that! Or where they can't, they may be able to point you at people who can (like Neale Monks or Peter Ward, perhaps?)


Pygmy Octopus
Jan 11, 2008
to Bathybembix

Dear Mike,
figures of many Boreal / Subboreal ammonites (chiefly holotypes or topotypes) of the Upper Jurassic - Lower Cretaceous could be obtained from original papers, which are available online

Prodichotomites ivanovi Kiselev et al., 2003 pdf
Delphinites (Pseudogarnieria) undulatoplicatilis Mitta, Starodubtseva 2000 pdf
Surites stenomphalus Sasonova 1977 pdf
Surites icenii Casey 1973 pdf
Surites spasskensis Sasonova 1977 pdf
Hectoroceras kochi Casey 1973 pdf
Praetollia (Runctonia) runctoni Casey 1973 pdf
Chetaites sibiricus Shulgina 1968 pdf
Praetollia maynci Spath 1952 pdf
Subcraspedites lamplughi Casey 1973 pdf
Subcraspedites preplicomphalus Casey 1973 pdf
Subcraspedites primitivus Casey 1973 pdf
Kaspurites fulgens Gerasimov 1969 pdf
Paracraspedites opressus I]Casey 1973[/I] pdf
Titanites (Paracraspedites) oppressus (the same ammonite as previous)
Titanites anguiformis Wimbledon & Cope 1978 pdf
Galbanites (Kerberites) kerberus Buckman 1907-1930 downloadable files available through
Galbanites okusensis Buckman 1907-1930
Glaucolithites glaucolithus Buckman 1907-1930
Progalbanites albani Arkell 1935 pdf
Virgatopavlovia fittoni Cope 1978 pdf
Ilowaiskya pseudoscythica Ilovaisky, Florensky 1941 pdf
Pectinatites hudlestoni Cope 1967 pdf
Ilowaiskya sokolovi Ilovaisky, Florensky 1941 pdf
Pectinatites scitulus Cope 1967 pdf
Ilowaiskya klimovi Ilovaisky, Florensky 1941 pdf
Pectinatites elegans Cope 1967 pdf


TONMO Supporter
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Mar 8, 2004
wow, that's quite a list! Thanks for posting that resource, mhorn, I'm sure a lot of fossil fans will bookmark that! :notworth:


TONMO Supporter
Nov 19, 2002
Thank you very much for the list mhorn, that must have taken quite some time to compile.

I'm terribly sorry Mike, but I have nothing in my small collection that would be of any use to you. The very best of luck with your project though.