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Interaction question

Jun 3, 2018
My octo has been interacting often but oddly. I do not know if the behavior is playful, defensive, etc. He starts by climbing quickly and excitedly up the glass (he is now used to me and comes out when I am near the tank). He quickly climbs up and above my glove. He then slowly reaches out an arm to touch my vinyl-glove covered hand and then launches to the other side of the tank or falls to the bottom. He does not stay there, however, and instead climbs immediately (with no pause at all) back up to touch me and launch away again. It is not weird or frenzied behavior from senescence as he is eating (and lots) but I do not know if his interactions are fearful or playful. I don’t think it’s fearful because he comes right back up after toucing my glove and launching away, and he always comes out when I’m by the tank. But I don’t know if he is being playful, either, as he launches away when he touches me. Does he not like the taste of vinyl gloves? Any suggestions or ideas will be considered. :wink: Thank you!


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
I suspect that he is reacting to the feel/taste of the glove. Clearly not totally negative since he comes back but not comfortably familiar since he scoots away.

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