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Inklet Playing again!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
I gave Inklet the claw I use to remove things. He did the tug of war with me for a while and then pulled it under with him and sat on it for about 15 minutes. Today my daughtor, got a hard yellow ball from the gumball machine. Inklet grabbed on to it and tried his hardest to bring it down with him. He kept squirting these big jets of water towards the top like he was trying to swim away with the ball! Had his legs over the top of it out of the water. He went back to it about 5 times, but then my daughtor wanted to repossess it before he got an idea to bite it! Someone had mentioned my old octo Ink had tried to look flourescent green, well, I really think Inklet was trying to look yellow!!! Fraid the quality on the ball shot is not that great. I resize so the photos so they don't take long to load and sometimes they come out great and others, not. Weriod.... I need to go to Kmart today to the baby section and see what else I can get for him to play with!!

Apr 29, 2004
its really cool that you have an octo thats so willing to interact with you...keep posting more pics! What a handsome little thing!