Ink on the Hunt!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
My local baitshop gave me some Killies to see if Ink would like them. The first one, he grabbed as soon as it hit the tank. The second was a little bit smarter. Ink has gone into this hunting/attack mode I have never observed before. He camoflauges and as the fish nears, shoots out an arm! Parachutes down from different angles of the tank! He tried to propel himself straight up from the bottom of the tank! That was amazing to see. So far the killie has managed to out smart him but it's only a matter of time 8) !

And here's a couple more shots! He seems to be getting more and more used to the camera! When he's had enough, he retreats to his green cave but still watches what I'm up to!!!

It took Ollie some time to learn that he couldn't catch shrimp by going at them head first. By the time he turned around and aimed his arms at them, they were gone!

Ink looks very comfortable there in his green cave.

(I'm convinced I could pick Ollie out of a tank full of his other siblings. They all look very similar, but just a bit different. )

Hi Nancy!

There are deffinate differences!! Simply amazing how different they all are! I found out tonight what has been happening to my protein skimmer! Keeps getting disconnected from the pipe and here's the culprit!!!!

Maybe she was just trying to change the cup, or reroute the airlines??? Great photo...the little thing looks almost embarassed!

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