Ink has passed away.


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Nov 20, 2002
Well, I came home from work today and found Ink in the back of her tank, gone. I knew it would happen eventually, and have so many good memories of her. We will all miss her.

Hi Carol, sorry to hear the bad news.

At least she has her face in soem magazines and her life has helped lots of new baby bimacs in the world!
Hi Carol,

So sorry to hear that Ink passed away. She will be long remembered.

I have so enjoyed the photos and reading about Ink.

I know this is a loss for you, and you have our sympathy.

Dear Carol,

That's very sad news. Ink was a champion octopus; I don't look at Lego quite the same way, now. I'm sorry for the loss.

Very sorry to hear this Carol.

I've enjoyed reading about Ink and we will all mourn your loss.

I agree with all here. Ink was indeed a champion octopus. You did a fantastic job, and we all learned so much through you. Thanks for sharing Ink with us.
Thanks everyone!!! Funny, when I came home her magazine was in my mailbox!!!

I am thinking about getting another one!! Kind of liked having one on each end of the house :smile: !


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