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in search of a cuttle fish


Sep 30, 2003
can anyonetell me where i could find a cuttle fish to be sent to the USA?
preferably a place that sells to individuals not just labs.
Its not easy getting cuttlefish in the US as there are no native species there. This means that the only cuttles you'll be able to find there would be imported. So you might wanna check your LFS or request for them to bring them in.

Another problem, the most commonly shipped cuttlefish to the US are sepia bandensis which do not travel well and usually will die in transit. If by chance they make it, they will usually be 3-4 inch adults which arent going to live for much longer.
In the buy sell trade forum, Jim OctoPets says that he may have captive bred cuttles soon so watch that space :smile:

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