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in hawaii, are there any cuttles here

i will be on the lookout for any and all. does anyone know the legal standings for exporting any of those out of hawaii. also the agriculture laws. the main reason i am asking, is i saw a petco about 30 min from where i am staying, and may set up a temp holdind tank if it is infact legal to take any of those home. i am looking mostly at the bobtail squid tho.
well i saw some bobtail squid today, have some pics, but they are on one of those underwater disposable camera's so i have to wait till i get back to the mainland to post pics, also have some pics of a reef octo garding her den and eggs.
Good! We'll look forward to the pics. Sounds like you're having an interesting time and an excellent opportunity for someone like yourself who's interested in cephs.

How are you getting the underwater photos - are you diving?


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