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I'm starting to panic


O. vulgaris
Apr 27, 2007
I haven't seen my octopus Sabastian for three days. I last saw him Saturday morning. He looked whiter than normal and his legs looked a little curlier than normal. He just didn't seem right to me. I saw a half eaten crawfish in the tank Sunday. He crawls into the holes in the live rock so I can't move rocks around and look for him.

I'm starting to get worried he has died. Do they always come out in the open when they die?

Should I be doing something? All of my water test have come back excellent so I know that isn't an issue.
Well, to be honest, the behaviour sounds like the "end of life cycle" that all octopus come to, after a real short period of time in our company...I think we all wish they lived longer, but nature has designed them for a very brief period of existance.
I wouldn't go crazy with moving rocks, but it might be a good idea to kind of poke around and see if you can find him...hopefully, the ceph was just in a blue mood this weekend?
I hate to say this delosa that is what mine did before he died..Mine actually was active in the morning and by the time i cam home from work he was dead... He had signs of curling legs and just off the wall behavior..

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