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I'm so happy to say HI!


Feb 7, 2006
Wow what a fantastic thing you guys have here! I have long been interested in aquatic creatures, in particular the beloved octopus. What a pleasure it is to be able learn so much and read about your amazing octopus friends :smile:

I do not currently have a tank of any sort set up. I have never had a salt water tank so I feel I'm in no way ready for an actual octopus (I didn't really even know if it was possible to keep one until recently) But finding this webiste is a good start.

I'm wondering one thing, is octopets still in existence? I went to their website but it doesn't seem to be working. I estimate I'm a couple years away from ordering but I am really thrilled about what they appear to be doing. I would gladly order from them despite any wait that may be involved. I realize however that this would be almost impossible since I live in France. Anyway, I have so enjoyed reading through the forums and soaking up all the info I can find on these amazing creatures!! :biggrin2:

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