[Octopus]: I'm back, with a new friend.

Saw Cool Rick for the first time since last post this morning at 5am. He was creeping across the front glass.

I attempted to offer him a small piece of a thawed shrimp with the plastic grabbers. He accepted it for a second, but discarded it almost immediately. I believe he has been feeding on the amphipods, limpets, hermits, and few other snails as I see more and more shells scattered about the sand.

He is certainly not any larger than when he arrived.
Out at 7am this morning.

I've actually caught him out at sunrise several times but he usually immediately hides when he knows he's been spotted.

I introduced a small melanarus wrasse, as the tank has a red planaria flatworm breakout. Likely from using uncured rock to setup the tank.

They have complete opposite schedules.
I just love catching them in the morning, it makes my whole day happier. Have you seen those cool new Fluvial LEDs that you can program time and color spectrum with your phone? I'm keeping the red lights on a mere 1% overnight and I see lots more of my little one in the morning until the reds turn full spectrum.

So glad we're both back with such awesome new friends!
Sorry for not updating this sooner. I saw Cool Rick only 2 more times after the last update. He stopped eating and his arms were curly and wouldn't completely stick to the glass. Never saw his carcass but haven't seen him in several weeks.

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