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IKA MUSUME (Squid Girl) Action Figure on J-List

Nov 20, 2002
Heehee, DW!!! Yeah, I was thinking the same thing at first.... :oops:

However, in defense of the J-List people, this figure was quite intentionally included in their J-Box ("safe for work") division -- their overtly "ecchi" magazines, posters, and figures can only be seen if you click on the "18 and over" J-List portal. Also, click on one of the two sans-dress thumbnails and you'll see that Ika Musume is wearing very modest one-piece underwear over a normal young-teen body (i.e., no giganto-boob fanservice).

So I think this figure really is appropriate for cephalofans and non-hentai otaku of all ages. (Of course, I don't wanna think about what a bona fide perv might do with it -- but then again a bona fide perv might do the same thing with a My Little Pony doll :razz:)

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