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ID please


Jul 15, 2004
When we got her she was about the size of a quarter.The guy at the store said she was a dwarf and would not get very big.He also told me she would be fine with my pipefish.He lied.Shes grown quite a bit,and she killed the mama pipefish.I would like to know how much bigger she's gona get so I'll know which tank to put her in.Don't know if anyone can tell anything about the pic or not.Thanks,Jenny


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Her body is about golf ball size,her arms are between 5 and 6 inches.Sometimes she's white w/black spots,but usually she's white and brown or all brown.I don't know if you would call her nocturnal or not.She comes out in the day time to see what we're doing but is most active at night.
here is another picture.I know its not the best but its all I can do with 35 mm and no flash.


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She's really cute...Is that a damsel in with her? Not sure on species. She reminds me of one of my octos named G2. Not sure what we decided she was. Any eye spots?

And welcome...
She has 2 blue damsels in with her.So far they get along fine.She runs the biggest one out of its hiding spot every now and then.I think thats just for fun,never tries to eat them.I'm not sure what you mean by eye spots.The only spots I've really seen on her are when she looks like the sand.She is very cute and helpful.I can't do anything inher tank without her trying to help me.
Your octopus is really cute and it's funny how they try to help. Sometimes they succeed, too!

Does she have a name? I'd like to add her to the List of Our Octopuses at the top of the Journals and Photos forum.

By eyespots we mean darker circles more or less under the eyes - they can make an octopus appear larger. The first photo in this article is an O. bimaculoides (bimac) showing one of the eyespots.

Cephalopod Care

I finally got some more pictures.They aren't great(took them with a keychain camera).The best ones are with just the blue lights on.They show how big she has gotten.


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