I Want an O.vulgaris Octopus but...


Jul 28, 2006
I need a small octopus from 2" to 5" or just a small one not a realy big one. I need to know what to feed him where to get him and what stuff i need for around 400-500 doallars and i live in Minnesota
As mentioned in the other thread you started that unless you plan to have a very large tank O. vulgaris should probably be avoided.

For more information on their needs, please check out the articles section under ceph care. Here's a link: Cephcare Articles

Try reading a little more; chances are it will give you some idea of what is needed and the financial investment that it could take.
I'll second that. By reading and learning everything you can first, you can save yourself and your octo (when you finally get one) a lot of grief. to say nothing about the fact that by making the right choices the first time, you'll also end up saving yourself some money.

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