I saw my first Octo


Dec 22, 2002
I just wanted to let everyone know, this Janurary i was in Roatan and on my first ocean night dive and right at the end of the dive, i was doing my deco and I turned my head and what was next to me???? an Octo!!! Changing all sorts of colours, i couldn't beleive what i was seeing and was practically crying in my mask, i was so happy:smile: I thought of you all and knew this is the one place where people would be able to understand my excitment and joy!!!

That will always be in my heart the best dive ever!!! I mean how do you top seeing your first Octo?

Wow!!! I am soooo jealous. Hope someday to be able to experience them in the wild. He was checking you out!!! Very cool!

Brock Fluharty said:
That's awesome! I am going snorekling in the Bahamas this summer, but I do not know if octos reside there, or at depths shallow enough to snorkel...I doubt it...

Why, yes they do actually, and at depths shallow enough for snorkeling! Friends of mine brought back photos from Bimini.
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