I need some help IDing this octo...


Blue Ring
Jul 14, 2007
A local pet store just got in an octopus and I need some help IDing it I don't have any pictures but I can explain what it looks like it's tan with a dark spot under each eye I don't know if its a bimac since they have two blue rings instead of dots... If anyone helps thank you so much :smile:
Hi there crocgurl! There are several species of Octopus with ocelli (eye spots) of which O. bimaculoides and O. bimaculatus are probably best known. Please find a pic of Ollie, one of Nancy's octo's, at 9 months (to be found on her bimac page here at Tonmo). Note the two blue rings, that appear to match your description. Ollie's an O. bimaculoides.
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Well the other spot the the octopus at the pet store were more of spots then circles sorry I have nothing else to say about it I'm not god at giving descriptions but it looks like a baby. If it was a baby would the circles be more of a spot?
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My octopus isn't a Bimac, but has false eyespots. Sometimes they are black with blue rings, sometimes they are solid black spots. Sometimes they aren't visible at all. Sometimes they look like flowers with orange spots around the sides and a yellow dot in the center. Crazy huh?

I take this is the octopus you brought home?

I haven't seen any dwarfs with eyespots, but I'm no pro either.
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