I just made an exciting discovery. (at least for me)


Jan 1, 2004
I was just sittin looking at my tank and noticed something small on the sand. I looked closer and it was moving. I finally concluded its a brittle star with 4 legs. I think he might have been roughed up because a couple of his arms are shortys. I put my thumb up for comparison but hes no more than a nickle. Tell me if im right about it being a brittle. (Not sure but i think hes a green brittle.)



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Because they grow quickly to a very large size (12") and are agressive preditors. They trap and eat fish, and will eat shrimp, clams,and just about everything else! The other brittle stars are not such agressive hunters and many species are available.

Brittlestars are fun to keep. I have small white ones (about 1" arm spread and also a special little black and white one with an arm spread of about 2". I feed him every night using a turkey baster - he hangs out his arms and catches small pieces of flakes.

So just observe your little brittlestar. As he gets larger, you can figure out whether he's a green brittle starfish (Ophiarachna incrassata)
or some other speces.

Ehh.. what do i do if he is a green one? Throw him outside? (not)
I guess i could take him to my LFS but they might not take a 8 inch starfish.
Well, he's pretty small right now, so no problem. And he might not be a green serpent star.

If he is, you could eventually set up a tank for him - they make good pets and you are supposed to be able to hand feed them.

its not a green its just a common brown spiny brittle good little fellas i catch them off charleston by the dozens for my reeftank they only get to be about 4 inches wide

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