[i]introducing Sid, in Hong Kong[/i]


Jan 1, 2003
hi Octo213, I too searched Tung Choi Street for ages (that's where the stingray came from) but I have only seen live octos for sale at the wharf in Sai Kung. I bought Sid directly from a fisherman in his boat on a Sunday morning when they sell fresh fish to everyone there. I took a bucket and bubbler and he seemed happy enough on his journey home, which included stopping for breakfast with my family.

Last weekend I saw a boat with some amazing colourful cuttlefish as well as some smaller octos. Tip: if you find one in good condition, make it clear you are not going to eat it, otherwise they may be very rough, stunning them on the boat to make them easier to handle :shock:
Oct 7, 2004
Fishy tales

Hello, 14 year old here it's my B-day today!

I het all my Fish in Ap Lai Chau, you know, near Aberdeen...
E-mail me! I have a tank. They get's sorts of fish there in the wet market.
Really amazing. They sometimes get cuttle, octo, dead rays, hald dead sharks, 80 kilo groupers (chopped), and sometimes some juvenile gaint squid for all i know. Size of finger tips and i think they're gaint squid. Mind you thet're all battered up when you get home.