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I have TWO Bimacs!!!

Dec 4, 2002
I just found out that the baby I was told was a dwarf is really a Bimaculoides! I kept looking at my cephalopod books and couldn't find a dwarf that looked like this little guy, so I pestered the aquarium store to call their supplier to get a species name so I could better take care of it. The guy said he was sorry, and that he ordered a dwarf and the supplier, called Quality Marine, sent a bimac. I thought he looked suspiciously like my bimac from Fish Supply in my 75 gallon. Well, there's no possible way I can take on the expense of another big tank AND another air conditioner to cool it....I'm trying to think of what to do. The store said they would take him back. I just hate that it happened because I'm afraid the little thing will die because it'll end up with someone who won't know how to take care of it. Maybe I could insist that the pet store include a page of information about the care needed, which I could type up, along with the TONMO website address in case they need info. At least this way the person buying him will have some information. I'm getting the temp down in that 12 gallon now so he's more comfy - it's been a few degrees too high because I didn't know I had a bimac.
I wish I could keep him. The bad thing is, there are great deals on used tanks, but you can't take that risk with an octopus.
Oh...that is too bad...I am sorry! Are there any TONMO members in your area that could step up to the plate on this one???
I hope everything goes well!
I think I'll take him back on Thursday, with a sheet of information so that at least this little guy will have a chance. Hopefully the buyer will have the necessary equipment and desire to take care of him.
I guess that is about the best thing you could do...I was hoping there was another member nearby that could buy it from you! I work closely with the animal groups I am associated with, and it is always nice to be able to help someone out, or pick up the phone and yell "Help!".
Good luck!
Is it possible to divide a 75 gallon tank safely enough to keep two bimacs in the same tank? Maybe with a non-transparent plastic so they wouldn't see each other.
I am not totally sure, but it seems to me that they would be stressed out trying to stake territories in a 75...anyone have any experience in this????
I just don't think 35 gallons each is enough room for them, and they're too smart. THEY'D KNOW. You've all had octos- you know how smart they are. Heck, it makes me nervous having two in the same house- I figure sooner or later- THEY'D KNOW about each other and there would be some night time traveling going on in order to go kick some octo butt-ha!
I'm mad at the pet store and also the supplier. Planet Pet says they were told it was a dwarf and when I made them call today to get a species name, found out it was a bimac. I took this "dwarf" home on Wednesday and put him in my 12 gallon, then ordered a bimac from Fish Supply the very next morning, never knowing I already HAD a bimac in the next room! It's irresponsible for these companies to be so bad about information on WHAT octopus it is selling. The invoice the pet store had read "Aquaculture" - that's great. A big help. The whole thing makes me sad. I can see no way to keep it and take care of it, and believe me, I've been brainstorming all day:-(
I've certainly heard that species mixups are extremely common. I suppose you should be grateful he's not a blue-ring! :shock:

Are you close to any Tonmo members who'd be looking for an octo? I could take him in, as could (I presume) some others? I'm in central Illinois, myself, but could just as easily be considered to be in Chicagoland as I spend a great deal of time up there. Also, I hate to just casually suggest it, but...have you considered shipping? I know it's probably not the easiest solution for someone who's not a supplier...I suppose if it's to difficult to do right (gotta have an insulated box with either a heat or coldpack, not sure which, and a WELL-sealed, strong ceph container) it'd be more a threat to the octo than returning him to the LFS...

I'm so desperate for a good home for him that I'd gladly pay the Fedex overnight. I still have the small styrofoam container that my bimac from Fish Supply came in, and I could put a blue ice pack in there, with a couple of hermit crabs for a snack. I remember how Fish Supply had the bimac shipped- in about three plastic bags over each other tied tight with a decent amount of water- so I'd use 4! I wonder if anyone can get that special Fedex shipping for Live Animals, or if that's just for suppliers...if so, I could write "Live Fish -Handle With Care" all over it.
Trouble is, I'd have to wait to catch him, as he has made his den in a big piece of liverock and I have to wait for him to be out exploring or hunting- wouldn't be easy. All in the timing...
I just want to find a good home for the little guy. This way, I don't have to feel bad about it and worry about him. Even though the mix-up isn't my fault, I would feel responsible if he went to someone who didn't know how to take care of him, which is what I'm afraid would happen if I took him back to the pet store. I know he'd have a good chance if one of you took him in. Does anyone have a decent size tank not being used right now? ...I imagine you all have octos in them already.
I am sure that there must be a TONMO member with an open tank...but I would really try to talk you into meeting them, or arranging a pickup or delivery...shipping is a 50/50 shot at best. Good luck...I know it is frustrating when items come in mislabeled...I received a shipment of gaboon vipers instead of boa constrictors from one vendor...yikes! Most of the employees that work at the west coast importers don't really know the difference between the species of cephs, so it is always a chance when you open the box that you are going to be suprised...
Hope everything works out well for you!
A 50/50 chance isn't good. I figured if I packed him perfectly and Fed-exed overnight, he made it through shipping once so he'd likely make it again? I'd feel worse if he ended up dead because of me shipping him a second time.
I agree, shipping is pretty much a last resort...if you have concerns about your LFS, maybe...

Perhaps you should start up a separate "Bimac needs a home" thread, or something similar? Might attract more attention. Surely someone with an empty tank in the US is close enough to you? Most of us would probably be willing to drive a good distance.

That is your best bet, Girlfish...start a new thread and I am sure you will have success...it sure is nice to talk to people who care so much for their charges, so many fish people out here wouldn't go to the lengths that you have!
Good luck!
I'm trying to decide what to do about it. The Wonderful Boyfriend has offered to step in and solve the problem buy buying a bigger tank when he outgrows this one, then the tank will be his. (Sometimes it's wonderful to be a girl:-) But my boyfriend Ed is more interested in a hexagonal tank around 46 gallons or so, otherwise it would be too much for his home. He'd want to turn it into a fresh water tank afterward, because he's afraid he doesn't have the time for a salt water tank. That's a little snug for a bimac, but then it would only be the last few months of his life that he'd be big...I guess... I'm thinkin'....I'm thinkin'....trouble is, they're both so dang cute!!....
For those of you with a skimmer- do you find you do a lot less water changes?? I have two Penguin bio-wheel filters and I have to do a water change every week. I should've bought a skimmer, I know. If I got a skimmer on the other tank, would it be easier for him to maintain? ....I named my other bimac "Edwina" after my boyfriend Ed, because he bought her for me after Tako died.

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