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I have a pair of flamboyant cuttles!!! Huge egg clutch too


Aug 14, 2009
Ok guys as the title says, and I am sure you can tell I am excited, I have a pair of flamboyant cuttles. At first I thought they were normal sepia bandensis dwarf cuttles and that I got a male/female pair that were comfortable with each other and therefore were showing more colorful body patters, but my research has landed me to the conclusion that they are undeniably flamboyants.

I have had them for about 2.5 months now, almost 3 months maybe. They eat like pigs, as many as 4-6 ghost shrimps a day each (gutloaded with formula one pellets and flakes).

The kicker is that they laid a huge clutch of eggs, it was one here, one there over the first few weeks, but lately they have been exploding out, I lose count and it's hard to tell. There is probably 16-20 eggs now all packed into their cave.

My ultimate goal is to keep 2 of them so I can continue to enjoy the presence of this amazing species, and donate the rest of the eggs to aquariums. I am on the west coast in Newport Beach California, so the easiest for me would be aquarium of the pacific or maybe Monterey bay aquarium.

Any thoughts or input guys?? This is my first time dealing with cuttles and especially with such a rare specie like the flamboyant, I want to be a conservationist first and foremost. I am so blown away by this species, by far the most interesting creature in the ocean. A total sea alien!
Here are a few I just pulled off my snapchat account. Also egg count now between 25-30.


  • cuttle1.JPG
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Not sure if this vid will upload to the site properly... we'll see. So yeah this vid should work. Again pulled it off my snapchat account. Sorry for the vulgarity I like to be cheeky. Amazing creatures, a photo definitely doesn't do justice.

Any input on what to do with this egg clutch??


  • cuttlevid1.mp4
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