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I got my new tank!


Jul 11, 2003
I now have a fifty gallon tank with a fluval 403 filtration system, but now i have a few more questions.

I left my live rock out of water for about 3 days would it be ok if i still use it?

Also, im not sure what kind of light i have but it is very bright, and im wondering is it possible for a light to be to bright??

(this one is kinda a big one) how do i cycle the tank? If u read my last post u know that i have done everything wrong but i didnt want to give up so i got a new tank. I dont want what happened last time to happen again, so please help me.

Thanks a bunch

Okay, what to do is to fill the tank with RO water and add the salt until you get an SG of 1.026 at a temp of about 72 - 74degF

after a couple of days of all going well, add about 6 black mollies from your LFS, they will be in freshwater when you get them but take them home and put them in a bowl, only uisng the water they came in. then over about 3 or 4 hours, gradually add small amounts of water from your tank until the mollies are in sea water, then catch them and put them in the tank... leave liek this for a while and feed very small amounts of flake food every day. Also do some general reading on cycling tanks.

the live rock should still be okay to an extent. I'd just put it back in and see what happens... the tank may smell a bit if dead stuff is on the rocks but the filter will soon catch up.

A light can be too bright but if its just a normal strip flurorescent bulb it should be okay, many peoplel leave the lights off for a while after introducing new stock and put the lights on a timer for approx 10 hrs a day, this will prevent to omuch algae building up.

that help :)
Congratulations! don't forget, once you have the tank cycled, you are going to need a skimmer too!!!

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