I’ve been working on a graphic novel about a society of intelligent octopus. Welcome to Octopolis!

Apr 22, 2024
San Francisco
Hey everyone, I'd like to share with you all the comic I've been working on for the past two years! Since this is the premiere community of octopus lovers, I thought you'd appreciate the subject more than most! Here's the pitch:

Are you tired of dystopian post-apocalypses in your comics? Then you may enjoy Octopolis, a refreshingly non-dystopian post-apocalypse comic. What sets this story apart? It’s simple: all the humans are dead!

That’s right, everything’s a lot better on planet Earth, now that it’s kicked the human habit. Of course, things can’t stay peaceful forever. There’s a new intelligent species stirring up trouble: the octopus.

Octopolis is set in a fictional future where humans drove themselves into extinction and intelligent octopus evolved in their wake. They’ve build their own society in the coral-encrusted ruins of our sunken cities. Perhaps these new stewards of the sea will do a better job than the last ones. After all, they have 9x the brain power!

Intro to Octopolis_1.png

The Plot

Octopolis follows the adventures of one particularly precocious octopus: Kurita, a young female octopus on the cusp of adulthood. She lives with her family on the edge of the Great Kelp Forest. Her family makes their living cultivating kelp for textiles and for their buoyant pods (useful floatation devices).


Kurita and her dads getting into an argument.

Kurita lost two of her arms in a childhood accident. Ever since they regenerated, they seem to have minds of their own. Of course, they literally do! Kurita loves her ‘younger’ arms and considers them the source of her creative ideas, but they tend to get her into trouble more often than not.

Like any octopus, Kurita is curious. She dreams of making her fortune as a philosopher in the great metropolis of Polyps. She’s about to get her wish, and more than she ever bargained for!


Octopolis draws on real scientific discoveries about octopus behavior and intelligence: the extraordinary behavior of the lesser Pacific striped octopus, the real-life locations Octopolis and Octlantis, and the Octopus Garden on Davidson Seamount.

The Third Spear - 2.png

For example, this scene from my octopus 'creation myth' is based on the mating behavior of the LPSO!

The world of Octopolis is meant to be a celebration of the ocean, and those interested in marine biology will appreciate the attention to detail. There is no magic in Octopolis… except the magic of the ocean!

About the Author

My name is Sam S. Julian. I live in the Bay Area and have a degree in creative writing from Stanford University. I worked as a product designer for a decade, but during the pandemic decided to follow my dream and dedicate my energy towards educating about sustainability and biodiversity through art. I've made Octopolis with the intention of depicting the wonder of the ocean with the same enthusiasm as the fictional worlds of his favorite books and comics.

I draw and write all of Octopolis. The first issue is finished, and will be self-published on Kickstarter on May 14. You can read excerpts and short stories from Octopolis on my website now. And if y’all are interested, I’m excited to share more of my work with you. Thanks for reading!
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Hey TONMO! My kickstarter to fund Octopolis the comic went live today and we're already funded. I'm really humbled by the enthusiasm of the response, and very grateful to everyone here in the TONMO community who has supported, encouraged and otherwise helped me along the way. Also thanks to the incredible scientists and aquarists who have indirectly inspired me through their direct interaction with these incredible animals.

Also proud to be a sponsor! If you are interested in supporting the campaign and getting a copy of the comic, be sure to get there using the ad up top on this page, so that TONMO gets the referral credit!

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